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Why Informative YouTube Videos Work In 2019?

Informative videos are the YouTube equivalents of old school infomercials.

The best of the bunch provides useful information for viewers, something they want or need to know, while subtly selling your product or brand beneath the surface.

With informative videos, it’s the information you provide that’s key.

It has to be something that viewers are looking for, something that will help them perform some sort of task or make some sort of decision.
Why Informative YouTube Videos Work In 2019?
It has to be both relevant and useful to what they’re doing and relevant to what you’re offering, as well.

It goes without saying that random information placed on the YouTube site won’t attract many viewers.

The information you present has to be something that your current or potential customers are looking for, or else they’ll never seek out, let alone view, your video.

Equally important, the information you impart has to be complete, accurate, and unique.

Complete, in that, you can’t expect to attract customers by only giving them half the story; you have to provide all the answers, all the data, all the facts, in order to be fully useful.
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Accurate, because if you’re not, viewers will abandon you without question and savage you without mercy.

And unique, in those viewers can’t find it elsewhere; you can’t hand out the same old same old and expect anyone to care. (It’s a truism that if consumers can find the same information elsewhere, they will; why should they get it from you?)

Whatever it is you present, then, you have to present it in the best way possible.

You have the opportunity to position yourself or your company as the authority on a given topic, but that status is not conferred lightly.

To be perceived as an authority, your videos have to actually be authoritative. 

You have to present information that no one else has presented at all, as well, or in the same fashion.

When you present information that helps viewers do something useful, they’ll want to watch it and they’ll remember you afterwards. After all, people do remember those that help them when they need help.

When you provide answers to people’s questions, they’ll seek you out and recommend you to their friends. That’s how you gain viewers and future customers.

The key, then, is to determine what types of information your current and potential customers are seeking and then provide them with that information, in video format.

This gets down to being able to think like the customer, either innately or via customer research.

What is it that your customers want or need to know and why?
There’s no universal answer to this question, of course; different customers need to know different things about different products and companies.

For most businesses, there’s a wide range of information you could provide.

For example, if you’re selling a complex or expensive product or service, your customers might need information about what that product or service offers before they can commit to a purchasing decision.

If you’re in a complex, controversial, or fast-paced industry, your customers might need information about what’s happening globally before they can get comfortable with you as a player within that industry.

If your company itself is fast changing, or if you’re a relatively new player, your customers might need information about you before they can get comfortable with the thought of doing business with you.

What’s important, then, is to determine what you can do to help your customers get comfortable and enthusiastic about purchasing whatever it is you’re selling.

Provide information that people are looking for, that is unique and uniquely presented, and that is truly useful, and the customers you’re targeting will seek you out.

Present uninteresting, useless drew in a predictable fashion, and no one will care.

It’s all about becoming an authority, by presenting authoritative information.

When people want or need particular information, they want to be able to trust that information.

They want to trust that the information is accurate, and trust that it will answer the questions or solve their problems.

After they trust the information you present, that trust is transferred onto your product, brand, or company.

And that sort of trust creates some very loyal customers.
Why Informative YouTube Videos Work In 2019?

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