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What Is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source program that serves up web pages and associated content. It allows the creator (or admin from this point on) to work by pointing, clicking and typing instead of writing code to make the website work.

Technically WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It manages the content you provide. This content can be text, images, videos, audio clips, PDFs and more.
What Is WordPress?
There are many other CMS programs out there including Joomla and Drupal. Of these, WordPress is currently the most popular.

Open source means that the source code for the software (the programming code that makes it work) is freely available for download from

Downloading the source code allows you to see exactly how it works; change the code to suit your taste (assuming you are a programmer) and you can even contribute to the WordPress project and have your code included in the product.

WordPress is scalable meaning it is equally adept at providing a single page website as it is at providing a website with thousands of pages, thousands of images, hundreds of videos, a complete forum and much more.

In the past, each page was a static object, much like a page of a book. In order to change it, you opened that page, edited the content and then uploaded that changed page to your web host.
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Often these changes required specialized software be installed on the computer you wished to edit the page on such as Microsoft’s Expression Web or Adobe’s Contribute.

 changes this by allowing you to log into the control panel from any computer with an internet connection and web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome and edit content, change design attributes and upload new media right there. No more need for Expression Web or Contribute.

In addition, WordPress allows multiple people from all over the world to work on one website at the same time. Users can contribute content in a variety of ways with security protocols in place to make sure only the users you want to be able to do a particular task can.

works with what are called themes. These are the basic design layouts and colour schemes of the website and can be changed in seconds.

Granted not everything works well with every theme but a lot of the time if you need to change the entire theme or even one element of a theme such as a font style, you can do it in one place and it will make the changes to all the web pages instantly.

Previously changing the font in all your pages could take weeks or longer for large sites.

Now you are probably wondering if it makes all this possible (and a lot more) it must be pretty expensive, right. Actually no, it is completely free. Not just free for personal use, but free for business use as well. vs
Many people have a hard time with the difference between these two so I wanted to take a minute to explain this. is the website devoted to the development, discussion, and support of the free open source WordPress program. is a website devoted to providing both free and paid web hosting services specifically designed for people wanting to use WordPress from would not exist without the program from however would not have a problem without

Although many staff regularly contributes to the code base of WordPress and even though there are some of the same people at both places, the two sites are not related in any legal or technical way.

Good luck!

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