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As a new blog, you’re probably eager to get your site in front of new potential readers.

With search engine optimization (SEO), you can increase the visibility of your blog by helping it to move higher up in Internet search engine results.

The ABCs Of SEO: Every Small Business Owner Should Know
While you can certainly hire SEO experts and consultants to optimize your site, most bloggers starting out don’t have the funds to go that route.

Luckily, there are things you can do on your own for no cost at all.

To help increase your ranking, simply take these extra steps when composing your posts or saving your image files:

Index Your Site
Your blog host may offer an option to index your site or add it to search engine listings so that your blog will begin to show up on search engines as soon as you start generating content.

But you can also submit your URL for inclusion in Google’s index through a simple online form.

There’s no guarantee that they’ll accept it, but it’s worth submitting it to their “Add your URL to Google” page.

Use Keyword-Rich Text When Linking
When linking to other sites, use the actual names of artists, companies, or stores in your post. 

For example, if you link the rubber stamp that was used for your homemade holiday cards to the Kate’s Paperie Web site, the link should say, “Rubber Stamp from Kate’s Paperie” (with the words “Kate’s Paperie” hyperlinked), as opposed to linking with a vague term like “click here,” “buy this,” or “source.”

Piggyback on the power of those you link to, as users are likely to search for those keywords and may find your post among the listings.

Title And Tag With Common Phrases
Apply titles and tags to all posts, and be sure to use keywords that are popular and common. 

For example, search engines will read the title “vanilla ice cream recipe” more clearly and quickly than “whipped frozen treat.” Or tag your home renovation post with “kitchen” or “bedroom” instead of “dream house.”

You can also use Keyword Tool SEMRush
[RECOMMENDED]to find the optimal words or phrasing to use.

Not only does this help with SEO and readers accessing your content more easily, but tagging also helps you self-organize your own blog by creating consistent tags for your content.

Name Files With Short Dashes
When saving images to upload into your posts or naming the permalink for your post, use keywords separated by short dashes (instead of an underscore) so that it’s easy for a search engine to understand.

For example, an image of Clinique lipstick should be labelled “clinique-lipstick.jpeg.”

Also, make sure not to leave any spaces blank. If you have spaces between words instead of dashes and name the same image file above “clinique lipstick.jpeg,” it will appear as “clinique%20%lipstick.jpeg” on image searches, which is not very SEO friendly.

The more your site is mentioned and linked to, the higher it will rise in search results. You can use this to your benefit by linking to your old posts or past stories when applicable.

Use SEO Plug-ins And Programs
Various plug-ins can be installed on your blog to help increase its SEO potential.

Some platforms, like WordPress, offer SEO plug-ins as part of your hosting package. Other tools like:-

RECOMMENDED] - powerful keyword research tool, see your competition in the niche.

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These services vary in pricing based on the level of help you need. Once installed on your blog, they will also monitor your stats and give you suggestions to improve your overall SEO.
Good luck!

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