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20 Killer Copyrighting Tips That'll Improve Any Business Fast

1. Do not chase at the beginning for high fees. Your task is to get experience, first orders and positive recommendations in the form of feedback.

Tips For Writing Killer Sales Copy For Your Business
2. If in your asset there are still 0 completed works - perhaps it makes sense to write to the employer who posted the new order for "your" topic, a personal message with information about the willingness to work for the review.

Yes, it will be free. But, this is the price for the first tip. I do not want this to be perceived as a guide to action.

Everyone is free to do as he wishes.

 Carefully study all the requirements of the customer. You should apply only when you are sure that you will prepare a text that meets all specific requirements.

4. In the text of your order application, convince the customer that they are ready to write an article, according to each criterion.

For example, if he asks for a specific percentage of the uniqueness and density of keywords - reassure him that you will use special services. This will add to your advantages over other performers.

 If the customer did not specify specific criteria in the terms of reference, write him a message in his personal mail, asking him a number of clarifying questions.

As practice shows, such concrete and direct initiative are welcomed by employers. And you will get a good chance to fulfil this particular order.

 When submitting an order for an order, it is useful to indicate a preliminary mini-plan for the article or to provide a list of questions for which you are ready to give answers in your text.

Customers can appreciate this as a professional approach to their work.

 If the customer specifies the usual requirements for work - you can prepare a certain universal template for the text of your application, in which you can maximize your talents to interest customers in their services.

Naturally, the requirements of specific orders can be partially modified. Or initially develop several different templates.

 If the customer will offer you to write a small test text - it's your choice whether to agree or not. If you are just starting out, this is a chance to receive an order and, possibly, a permanent customer.

Typically, the test is requested by customers who have a long-term relationship.

Do not agree to write a full-fledged article; otherwise, you can become a victim of deception. To assess your skill level, 500-1000 characters are enough.

 Do not take it into the text of the application to offer the customer to write at a lower price, since you are starting the way down. You, on the contrary, should think about how to move up.

Moreover, you can deserve this disrespect from both the customer (after all, he is willing to pay higher) and other authors.

 Carefully study the requirements of the customer in terms. If you feel confident in coping with the task much earlier than the employer asks for it - indicate it in the text of your application.

In this case, be specific - name the exact time, for example - "the article will be ready within 5 hours". And do not forget to assure the customer of the quality component of your work.

Do not make assumptions in the text of the application for errors. Otherwise, the customer can estimate your overall level for this incident. Do you need it?

 If at the next order you see that you have already written on a similar topic - report it in the text of your application.

Just do not just specify this information, and name, for which site you wrote and MUST attach a link to this text.

 If you work in freelance exchanges - before you start work - request a prepayment. The size you set yourself. Otherwise, you can become a victim of fans of free content.

 In advance, talk to the customer about the time frame for completing the order. If necessary, take the time "with a margin" so that you have a temporary reserve (just in case, to avoid force mature).

 Before you work with a particular customer - study carefully the reviews. Sometimes there are employers, cooperation with which is undesirable. Just the comments of other performers will explain the reason.

 If by some criteria you do not like the order or its conditions - do not follow your comments in the comments. Just pass by, do not waste your time on these little things, you should be higher than that.

 Before proceeding with the order, write a personal message to the customer. Please specify if you understand all of his requirements correctly and ask clarifying questions if necessary.

 During the order, you are always in touch. Do not exclude the possibility that the customer will need to make some clarifications in terms of the order.

 When preparing to write texts, use the source material. And it should be several sources. You should not rewrite these texts in your own words.

This information needs to be used to evaluate existing opinions to prepare arguments for one's own.

Before writing the text, make a preliminary plan, what points you will reflect in it. This will help to systematize your work and provide logic for the future presentation.

Good luck!

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