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How To Beat Your Competitor On YouTube?

If you want to use YouTube for business, it is essential that you provide valuable tips to your audience.
How To Beat Your Competitors With Your Own YouTube Channel?
The very basic way to use YouTube is to just do videos that sell your products and services.

That’s better than nothing but as more of your competitors use YouTube, just pitching videos will not be enough in the long run.

As more and more businesses come onto YouTube, you need to offer MORE value to the marketplace in order for you to survive and thrive in your industry.

The best way to STAND OUT from your competitors is to offer valuable tips through your videos on a consistent basis.

How to Start a Business Online

That’s because the majority of amateur YouTube marketers will only be focused on selling their products and services.

All their videos will be about going to this website or call this number or buy this or buy that.

After a while, people will be tired of that.

If you want to win in the YouTube game for the LONG RUN, then you have to offer 

That’s why my recommendation is to offer VALUABLE TIPS on a consistent basis.

Whether it’s one video a week or one video every few days or even one video a day focused on sharing at least one tip to your audience that will make a TREMENDOUS impact in your business in the long run.

Not only will you get more leads and customers by doing that but you will start to SEPARATE yourself from all the other YouTube marketers who are shooting themselves on the foot by looking like desperate sales looking for a quick buck.

So offer value on a consistent basis and you will win the YouTube game in the long run.

As more and more businesses use YouTube, the way for you to stand out from the marketplace is to offer valuable tips to your audience on a consistent basis.

By offering valuable tips, you are separating yourself from all other businesses who are looking to just pitch.

So many people are consumed with other businesses pitching to the point that when you offer advice, you will stand out above the rest and thus end up getting more loyal subscribers and buyers from this simple change.

What Camera To Use?
The best camera to use is the camera you already have.

Too many people spend too much time, energy, and money looking for the perfect camera and a lot of times, end up doing nothing even after getting an expensive camera.

My advice is the opposite of what most people will tell you.

I recommend you to start with the camera that you already have.

That means if you have a smartphone (Android, iPhone, etc.), then you ALREADY have a phone that has a camera!

Not just any camera but it’s a great camera for YouTube!

Use that instead of wasting your hard earned money getting a camera that costs thousands of dollars.

Start With What Yuu Have.
The BEST camera is the camera that you already have.

I recommend this because the more important key is to DO SOMETHING.

Too many people waste time analyzing everything before they do something.

They make this “I need to find the best camera” as an excuse from not really doing the MORE IMPORTANT THING which is taking action.

You may not know it consciously but there might be a deeper reason you are searching for the right camera or right tool.

It may have nothing to do with the camera.

It may have more to do with wanting to not fail or seeking to be perfect before you do anything.

Well, let me tell you something.

If you want to do YouTube the right way, it’s not about perfection. It’s about progression, not perfection.

Now, I’m not saying NOT to get a great camera because there are many good cameras out there and a quick Amazon search can show you the best ones based on the reviews. 

However, I want to ultimately help you go out there and get results.

The perfect camera can come later on.

But don’t waste money on a perfect camera before you prove to yourself that you can use what you already have to do your own videos from where you are.

The best camera is the camera that you already have.

Start with where you are and start recording and uploading videos with the camera that you already have.

Most smartphones have cameras so use your phone to record and upload videos.

Do Face To Face Videos
One of the most annoying things I come across is videos where the person never shows their own face.

Some people have YouTube channels where they show their products or talk about their services but never show their face.

You know what that does to your audience?

Your audience can eventually get annoyed with you and wonder what is wrong with you!

What are you trying to hide?

Why are you trying to hide something?

Is something wrong with you or do you have some kind of shady business?

Do you know what I mean?

If you want to use YouTube for your business and create maximum success, then you have to cross the line and be willing to show your face.

Showing your face will make a HUGE difference in your business.

People will naturally like, connect, and trust you even more.

Your business will feel more personal to them.

The more they feel they know you, the more they will end up buying from you.

If you are a small business owner, then your ADVANTAGE stands in the fact that you can give that PERSONAL TOUCH to your customers while the big corporations can’t as much!

So use that PERSONAL TOUCH to your advantage by showing your face in your videos.

To do that, just do FACE to FACE videos!

Face to face videos are videos where you simply show your face as if you’re talking to them on camera 1-on-1!

No more hiding your face anymore. That is weak. That is uncommitted. That is cowardly.

Just show your face.

Cross the line.

Go all the way.

Then this will do wonders for your business.

Doing face to face videos gives you that personal touch that other big businesses cannot do.

Showing your face will ultimately help your audience connect with you more and thus buy more from you.

Just show your face in the videos because that shows you are committed, real, and that’s how you really use YouTube for business for maximum growth in your business. 

Mix Up Your Videos

You can go to the best restaurant in the world. In the beginning, you will love it but if you go there over and over again, you will get sick of it.

Similarly, your audience will like to see variety in your videos.

So my tip is to mix up your videos.
  • Don’t always do the same type of videos.
  • Don’t only teach tips in your videos.
  • Sometimes, show a video of you while you are on vacation having a fun time.
  • Don’t always do a video where you are at the office.
  • Do videos while you are at the park.
  • Do videos while you are at the beach.
  • Just mix it up.
When you mix up your videos, then it will be more fun to watch and give a little more variety to your audience.

Don’t always do the same type of videos all the time.

Mix up your videos to have the most impact on your audience.

Your audience will want variety and if you do the different type of videos, you will get more people who will want to continue to follow you for the long run.

Have A Call To Action
Always have a call to action in every video you upload on YouTube!

A call to action is a statement where you tell the viewer to do something.

The most popular call to action can simply be to tell the viewer to sign up for your free newsletter, call your number to get a free quote or buy your product or service from your website.

This is very important.

This is sales 101.

This is copywriting 101.

This is also video marketing 101.

At the end of the video, always have a CALL TO ACTION to lead the viewer to do what you want them to do next.

If you don’t tell them anything, they’ll just go watch another video.

However, if you tell them what to do next (such as “Click the link below to video to download my FREE report” or “Call 1-555-123-1234 to get a free quote”), then you’ll get a lead and/or a customer that way!

The whole point of YouTube (video marketing) is to get the viewer OUT OF YouTube to go to your website or to sign up for your newsletter or to contact you somehow or someway!

The whole point is to get them out of YouTube to contact you!

To do that, you MUST have a call to action!

You must literally tell them exactly what to do.

Don’t be shy about it. Don’t weasel your way around it.

Instead, be direct and tell them exactly what to do.

Always be closing.

Always have a call to action!

Always have a call to action at the end of the video.

A call to action is a statement telling the viewer to do something.

A popular call to action can be to tell the viewer to click the link below the video to sign up for your newsletter or call you for more information.

Brilliant Ways To Beat Your Competition On Youtube

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