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Know Who Your Viewers On YouTube Are

As a YouTube veteran or even an armature, you know that your channel needs the audience to succeed.
How To Find Out Who Is Watching Your YouTube Videos?
You should also know that you are going to have a much easier time turning your viewers into subscribers if you spend quality time knowing your viewers.

One proven fact is that the more you treat your viewers like they are important, the more success you will get.

You can do this by knowing more about them.

How to Start a Business Online

You need to build, strengthen and maintain the relationship you have with your audience.

One way you can achieve this is by replying to questions from your viewers in the comments section.

You can encourage your viewers to leave comments.

And if they finally leave the comments, and you did not engage with them after they comment to be sure they are not going to comment again.

Take this as a way to encourage and connect with your YouTube viewers to ask you questions that they want answers to.

Though some of it is going to be very beneficial to you and them in some cases.

By doing this you maintain an active comment section which is great for your YouTube channel’s brand, and it implies that you care about your viewers and their opinions.

So go ahead and write comments responding to each and every one of their questions, and then you can ask more questions for your viewers to keep the conversation going on and on.

You can also know your viewers more by connecting with them outside of YouTube.

While your YouTube contents are good for information, entertainment and they allow you to interact with your viewers, they still do not allow you to have direct contact with them in real time.

With the help of Google Hangouts and the rest, Periscope, Facebook Live, you can have that chance by creating live streaming videos and interact with your audience in real time.

This is how you can go about it, you decide when you want to go live and let your audience know where and when they can tune in to watch your live stream.

Then while broadcasting lives, you can give the chance for them to ask you questions and you reply to them immediately.

This is one of the fastest and a very effective way to build a great relationship and know more about your viewers.

You can save your streams for a limited time so that your viewers can come back to watch them later for those who missed the live broadcast.

Finally, along with the same lines you can host chats on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Just remember to promote when you will be conducting the chats and if possible simple instructions on how to participate for those do not know how to.

For a Twitter chat, you will need to give your viewers a special hashtag that they will use and not forgetting the time to add it to their tweets.

For Facebook or Instagram, you just need to conduct a chat with your viewers using the comments section of a particular post of choice.

Just make sure you promote it a few days before the time and then If possible post a picture that is relevant to the chat to get started.

If you want to do this, I recommend creating a picture that contains a question to help get things started.

It can serve as an option for creating a normal post.

Another effective strategy for social media chats you can use is to ask questions by recording mini video clips and posting them for followers to respond towards.

Consider these tips to help you know and build a great and engaging bond between you and your YouTube channel’s audience.

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How to Start a Business Online
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