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Why Create A Professional High Quality YouTube Videos?

When the vast majority of YouTube videos come from consumer camcorders or webcams, why go to the expense of creating an expensive professionally produced video?
Why Create A Professional High-Quality YouTube Videos?

There are some good reasons to do so, and some equally good reasons not to.

Advantages of Professional Videos
One of the main reasons to produce a professional video is that it looks professional.

Let’s face it:
The average YouTube video looks amateurish, which is what you expect when amateurs are doing the shooting using consumer-grade equipment.

That’s fine for many businesses, but if you’re in charge of marketing for a large multinational corporation, you might not want your YouTube presence to look as if your cousin Billy Bob did the filming in his basement.

How to Start a Business Online

This is why you see companies such as Apple, Ford, Nike, Samsung, Southwest Airlines, and Xerox spending big bucks to create videos for their YouTube channels.

Their videos might lack the immediacy of webcam-produced video blogs, but they pack the much more powerful punch that their brands demand.

In fact, many of their YouTube videos resemble traditional commercials—or, in many cases, extended versions of commercials.

On YouTube, you’re not limited to 30-second spots, as you are with traditional broadcast commercials.

You can take advantage of the longer length to present a more detailed message.

When you go the pro video route, you get more than just a better-looking video. In most cases, you get a better-produced video, all the way around.

When you hire a professional video production company, they’ll provide expertise to help you develop your concept, write your script, coach your on-air talent (or even provide their own professional on-air talent), create great-looking sets, and do everything else it takes to create a professional video, from start to finish.

You get the complete package if you want it.

So, if you represent a big company with a big message and a big budget, going with a professionally produced video makes a lot of sense.

In effect, this is what your customers expect; anything less would invite cognitive dissonance into your brand message.

Disadvantages of Professional Videos
Of course, the primary disadvantage of going the professional route is that YouTube users might reject your message as being too commercial.

It’s a double-edged sword; you have a commercial message to impart, but the YouTube community is resolutely anti-commercial in nature.

Unless your video is extremely entertaining or equally informative, you could end up receiving more negative comments than positive ones.

In addition, a pro-quality video might be overkill for YouTube, especially when it comes to video quality and production values.

Your video, no matter how much money you spend on it, is still seen in the same web browsers as basement-quality webcam videos.

The typical YouTube viewer, watching in his web browser, might not even see the better lighting, quality makeup, and appealing backdrops.

A lot of money can get lost in the resolution.

A few years ago I hosted a series of videos for a major website (not YouTube).

The website spent some big bucks to rent a studio, hire a crew, and execute the shoot—money that definitely wasn’t seen onscreen.

At one point, the wardrobe person asked what kind of shoes I’d be wearing—even though the shot was from the waist up!

And even if it were a full-length shot, no one could see what was on my feet in a small onscreen video window.

It was a lot of money wasted on a small video.

And that money is the real killer for a lot of businesses.

Expect to pay in the range of $1,000 to $3,000 per minute of the finished video.

In most instances, you’re looking at a minimum of $5,000 for a two- or three-minute video, with big shots (requiring lots of studio time and personnel) costing three or four times that much.

It’s not cheap.

Bottom line, a professional video costs a lot more money than the one you create yourself. Ask yourself whether you’ll see the results of that expense.

In addition, ask yourself whether your target audience in the YouTube community responds well to this type of video.

A lot of video production companies smell the money to be had from producing YouTube videos, and aggressively going after new business.

Beware of any firm that promises you they can create a viral video (no one knows when a video will go viral), or guarantees a certain number of views, or otherwise tries to sell you a bill of goods.

The only thing a video production firm can do is produce a video, to one quality standard or another.

No firm can guarantee results from their work.

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How to Start a Business Online
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