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Selecting A WordPress Friendly Hosting Service

How To Choose The Right Hosting For WordPress Website?
Let’s start by discussing some terms we will need to know before selecting a service.

Shared hosting means you, and several other people, are all sharing one computer and one connection for hosting your sites. This is usually fine for smaller sites and even some medium sites.

Shared is definitely the cheapest type of plan. This would be an excellent place to start.

Non-shared, dedicated hosting, etc. type of plans usually mean you have your own machine, or virtual machine, and your own connection (or virtual connection) to the internet.

This is always faster and always more expensive. If you are on a shared plan and start to notice that your page load times (how long it takes for someone to click on a link in your website and then for the page to completely load) become excessively long, you might need to switch over to one of these.

There can be different levels of these “more dedicated” plans that range from double the price of a shared plan to over a thousand dollars a month for a powerful machine that does nothing but host your one website.

Managed plans usually refer to managing your WordPress installation. This means they keep things up to date, worry about PHP version compatibility and things like that.

Most of this you can do yourself with a minimum of time and effort and most of it I will walk you through (like keeping updates done automatically with a plugin, more on that later).

Where managed plans really shine is you are completely new to this and not really a do-it-yourself is that they often offer 24/7 WordPress technical support.

This doesn’t usually mean they support all your themes and plugins but it does mean that if you have a problem with WordPress itself, they can help.

Truth is told most web hosting services are pretty WordPress friendly these days. 

The reason for my using these services is that most of my customers and I are all coming from having an existing website and migrated over to WordPress.

Since we didn’t want to switch hosts unless we had to, we kept on rolling with who we had and have had virtually no problems.

To state this way, if you have an existing web host there is probably no reason to switch unless you are pretty sure you need a feature such as WordPress technical support that your current host does not offer.

There is however no doubt that certain hosts which are specialized towards WordPress can offer a simpler and better experience in many cases for the novice.

If nothing else they may have some technical support personnel who are experienced with WordPress and can help you if you run into problems integrating your installation with their servers.

You can see the most current list of WordPress recommend hosting services at but we can certainly cover a couple right here.

:☞ BlueHost[RECOMMENDED] in Utah is another favorite in the WordPress community and offers plans for managed WordPress hosting starting at $2.99 per month (currently on sale).

While more expensive than some others, their packages offer an included domain name, static IP address and a control panel based on the widely used and very popular cPanel which usually is an additional charge.

:☞ BlueHost[RECOMMENDED] to me is more a place to use for a medium sized business or someone who needs all the expand-ability and flexibility you can get in a managed solution.

It is also a good place to go for non-managed plans which start at $2.75 a month (again, on sale right now, down from $5.99) which includes a domain name (for the first year. If you cancel early, you have to pay for the domain name).

While their extremely inexpensive account is cheap, it also puts pretty serious restrictions on the number of email accounts you can have and the amount of email you can store in them.

It still may be a good choice for a person looking to put up a low traffic personal account who doesn’t need much. Besides you can always upgrade to a higher end plan.

Oddly enough, missing from the recommended WordPress hosting list is one that I see mentioned all the time in other places and in other books, has plans ranging from free to just under $25 a month depending on what you want or need.

The free account is great for someone who just wants to get their personal blog online or share information with friends and family.

Be aware however that the free package does not allow you to use your own domain name (you will get a subdomain of such as and they will put advertising on your website which you have no control over.

Since the hosting is free and they do offer a lot in exchange for the little bit of advertising it is still a pretty good deal.

Moving up to the $2.99 a month package gets you your own domain name included in the price, email and live chat support, and removal of all the ads.

If you want to stick with your existing host or want to use a host that we have not talked about, a simple email or phone call to their sales or technical support department should provide you with any answers you need about WordPress support.

:☞ BlueHost[RECOMMENDED] - Recommending Bluehost for web hosting, for building your blog.

Good luck!
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