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10 Powerful Instagram Marketing Marketing Tips (That Actually Work) For Your Business

In order to make your presence on the platform prominent enough to generate profits, you need to use the right tips and tricks.

How To Get More Likes On Your Instagram Posts Fast?
This article will tell you how you can use some simple yet effective marketing strategies for your business on Instagram.

The first and foremost thing to always keep in mind about Instagram is that it is a photo-sharing service. Hence the main thing to focus on is that your photos are of high quality with great content.

The better they are, the more likely they are to gain popularity with likes and then follow for your account. Use different apps and a good camera for getting such photos for your account.

Sponsored ads by the Instagram service are another great option for your business.

Marketing yourself requires quite a bit of effort and can only reach out to a limited amount of audience.

Sponsored ads that you pay for will make your advertisements visible to just about any target audience whose feed you want it to appear on. Investing in these can be a good marketing strategy as well.

Use your bio strategically and creatively. Put up a link to direct traffic to your main business website. Use tools to make this a short link that connects fast to the other page.

Also, try to make this landing page familiar for your Instagram followers. They should be able to identify with it and feel that the contents of this page are directed specifically at them.

The link can also be changed from time to time to direct the users to a specific page where a certain offer or contest is going on.

Help out others and they’ll return the favour. Like we mentioned before, promote other users on Instagram. These could be anyone or any business.

As long as they help to promote you and direct other users to your account, it will work to your benefit. Return the favour and you build a solid relationship that you both can benefit from.

This is why you should reach out to other users who have a prominent presence on the Instagram portal. This is especially easy if the categories of your businesses are similar or complement each other.

Use trending hashtags that are constantly on the Explore page. This will help your posts be more visible.

Engage the followers or users that visit your page and build a better connection.

After they follow you on Instagram, entice them to give you their email addresses or to follow you on other social media where you have built a presence.

This helps on all fronts. Emails are the easiest way to have a personal connection with your customers. You can constantly inform them of anything that is going on at your brand or send them those weekly newsletters to keep them engaged with your business.

Keeping in touch is a very important part in building this relationship.

Pay for sponsored accounts to shout out for your business. This is one of the cheapest options for getting more followers and likes on Instagram.

These accounts are built solely to help others who pay them to get more traffic on their Instagram.

They have a base of thousands of followers whom they then direct to your account.

It’s a great way to get an instant increase in prospective customer base.

TIP 10
Get connected to real-time Instagram influencers. These people are a very prominent presence on Instagram and have some of the largest numbers of followers.

If you somehow connect with them and make them use your products, it’s a sure win.

These influencers usually use products and post about them in a personal way.

This influences their followers to try it out as well and will thus increase your customers or at least followers. If the influencer seems interested in the brand, the followers tend to follow as well.

Their post should have a positive review of your brand or business. By tagging your account in the post and caption, they link their followers to you.

Using Instagram Advertising
As we have mentioned above, Instagram has an advertising option that you can avail by paying for it.

This will be a step-by-step guide on how you can avail this particular service for your business. 

You first need to connect the Instagram account to the Facebook account. The advertisement will be created with the Facebook Power Editor.

Under the settings tab on Facebook, you will see the Instagram ads option. Click on it and add an account.

Here you will have to enter the username and password for your Instagram account. Confirm these details and click.

Next, you have to select the type of ad that you want. Here you can select from three main objectives for your ads. They could be for clicks for your website, video views or installing mobile apps.

• Choose an image ad that will have a normal photo with a button that will link the user for clicks.

• Choose a video ad that will also have a button but will be in video format.

• Choose a Carousel ad that has a series of images to look through.

Depending on the type of ad you choose, you can accomplish your goal.

Set your target audience once you have selected the type of ad. You can select the locations, age and gender of the people you want your ad to reach.

There are more detailed options to limit your audience further but these are the basics that will help you reach the people you want. Using this targeting option properly can make quite a big difference.

Create amazing content for your advertisement so that it captures the eye and interest of your targeted audience. It should be creative yet clear in its message. A great photo or video is crucial for a great campaign.

Use your advertisements to their maximum benefit. Calls to action are a great way to engage your viewers in connecting with you after seeing the ad.

You could tell them to tag people in the comments, tag your account in the posts, use a specific hashtag, etc.

Attract your audience with a great ad and see how it boosts your business in more ways than one. An advertisement can be used to build on the brand image along with generating more sales.

Good luck!

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