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Powerful Blog Post Ideas That Your Readers Will LOVE [300 LIST]

Are you Struggling to find interesting blog post ideas for your blogging business?
Blog post ideas the ultimate list
If you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, blogger and have a full-time job, I’m sure you know how hard it is to come up with blog post ideas!

Where do blog post ideas come from… Google?

Let’s start with 300blog post ideas to re-focus on your targeted readers and write posts your readers crave to read.

A. Promotional Blog Post Ideas
  1. Readers Crave To Read.
  2. What Would You Recommend Your Customers Do In The First Few Weeks Of Using Your Product?
  3. What Sets Your Company Apart From Your Competitors?
  4. Share A Product Update.
  5. How Does Your Product Compare To Other Products?
  6. Share A Case Study.
  7. What Charities Or Organizations Do You Support?
  8. What Sets Your Company Apart?
  9. Where Do You See Your Business In The Next 5 Years?
  10. Readers Crave To Read.
  11. What Are Some Tips You Can Share For Using Your Product?
  12. Can You Showcase Your Customers?
  13. What Is Your Company’s History?
  14. What Is A Creative Use Of Your Product?
B. Personal Blog Post Ideas
  1. What is your idea of the “perfect” day?
  2. What things have you learned from your parents?
  3. Do you have an embarrassing story?
  4. What are your favourite movies?
  5. What things make you happy?
  6. If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be?
  7. What would you say to a younger version of yourself?
  8. What is an important lesson you learned recently?
  9. What are your most epic failures (and how did you overcome them)?
  10. What does a typical day in your life look like?
  11. What is your favourite childhood memory?
  12. What are some things that most people don’t know about you?
  13. What has been your greatest success in life so far?
C. Educational Blog Post Ideas
  1. What is the history of your industry?
  2. Give speech notes from a recent presentation you gave.
  3. What are some terms in your industry that need explaining?
  4. Create a list of the top 10 things you wish you knew when you started.
  5. What are some of the common questions that people ask when they email you?
  6. What are your aspirations for the week, month, and year?
  7. What do you want to learn more about? Study it, and share what you learned.
  8. What are some questions that people should be asking you, but aren’t?
  9. Can you walk your audience through a process, step by step?
  10. Any important insights that you have learned in the past year?
  11. What type of things do you review to determine quality in your industry?
  12. If someone was about to start in your field, what are the top things they should know?
D. Controversial Blog Post Ideas
  1. Do you have any predictions for the future of your industry?
  2. Summarize a modern debate and give your opinion.
  3. What are you particularly passionate about within your industry?
  4. Read a blog post recently that you disagreed with? Share your reaction.
  5. How are the legal activities in your country affecting your business?
  6. Is there something that has frustrated you recently? Talk about it.
  7. Share a debate between two people in your industry.
  8. Make a Myth vs. Fact post.
  9. What type of customer email are you most frustrated with?
  10. Write an open letter to someone or a company.

E. Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

  1. What is your bedtime routine?
  2. What’s in your camera bag?
  3. How do you stay motivated?
  4. What’s in your travel bag?
  5. What books are on your shelf?
  6. What fascinates you in the blogging community?
  7. How do you plan your content?
  8. What podcasts do you listen to?
  9. What is your fitness routine?
  10. What is in your bag?
  11. How do you manage your time?
  12. What’s your favourite stock photo sites?
  13. What are your hobbies?
  14. What are your favourite YouTube channels?
  15. How to get through a breakup
  16. What’s in your makeup bag?
  17. Can you share pictures of your workplace?
  18. What’s your favourite social media and why?
  19. What’s in your gym bag?
  20. Why did you start blogging?
  21. What’s in your office bag?
  22. What is your favourite restaurant?
  23. How do you relax after a long day?
  24. What things can’t you live without?
  25. Do you have a music playlist you can share?
  26. What is your morning routine?
  27. What is your makeup routine?
F. Useful Blog Post Ideas
  1. Have you created a resource post?
  2. Create a helpful checklist for customers
  3. What type of work do you try to accomplish while travelling on an aeroplane?
  4. Have you changed the way you work over the years? If so, how?
  5. Have you used any new tools or applications recently that have helped improve your workflow?
  6. What blogs do you keep up with? Create a list.
  7. What helps you to be creative?
  8. If you recently hired someone, what questions helped you the most in making your decision?
  9. What products or services can you compare and contrast?
  10. What is a problem that your target customer has? Present a solution.
  11. Have you figured out a way to save a few hours a week?
  12. What helpful books have you read recently?
G. Roundup Blog Post Ideas
  1. What are the most popular posts you have written? Share “the best of” your blog.
  2. What are the best blog posts you have read lately? Make a compilation.
  3. Have you thought about reaching out to multiple experts for their thoughts on a specific subject?
  4. Read any great quotes lately? Compile quotes on a specific topic.
  5. Is there an industry leader or influencer you can interview?
  6. What statistics or research are your customers interested in? Curate it for them.
  7. Have you thought about sharing a list of top influencers to follow in your industry?

H. Fun Blog Post Ideas

  1. Share a story.
  2. Create a list of inspirational quotes for your industry.
  3. Start a challenge for your audience to participate in.
  4. Create an infographic.
  5. Anything unique or funny happen at the office this week?
  6. Are there any funny posts or videos you found lately that you can share?
  7. Create a parody.
  8. Announce a contest.
  9. Have you considered doing a video blog?
  10. Can you share a recent travel experience?
  11. How did you decide to start your business?
  12. Can you share something from behind the scenes?
  13. What are your hobbies outside of work?
  14. What question can you ask your users? Create a survey or quiz.
I. Timely Blog Post Ideas
  1. See any good movies lately? Share the lessons you learned from it.
  2. Survey your audience and share the results.
  3. What is your favourite piece of industry news that you’ve come across recently?
  4. Are you attending a conference where you can share your highlights from sessions?
  5. What are the biggest trends in your industry?
  6. Are there any holidays coming up?
  7. Is there a new product you can review?
  8. Have you read any Twitter posts lately that you feel deserve a longer response?
Some Other Blog Post Ideas
  1. A picture for every hour in the day
  2. List of things to be happy about
  3. Places in your country to visit
  4. Autumn makeup
  5. Winter Makeup
  6. Share your not-so-favourite affiliate partner and why you regret working with them
  7. Share your the longest post you have written
  8. Share what would you but for your biz or blog if you have the funds
  9. Share your best marketing tips
  10. Create a massive list of blog post ideas!
  11. A brand review
  12. Your 2-year plan
  13. Spring Makeup
  14. Pinup makeup
  15. Airport makeup
  16. Favourite books of all time
  17. Favourite movies of all time
  18. Favourite band/album of all time
  19. Birthday Haul
  20. Holiday Haul
  21. Your birthday in review
  22. 3 books you don’t like and why
  23. 3 movies you don’t like and why
  24. Take part in someone else’s 30-day challenge…document
  25. Host your own 30-day challenge
  26. The face of the day
  27. Talk about something you’re afraid of and how you overcome it
  28. Share a “Do’s and Don'ts…” post about something you’ve got experienced
  29. Create a fun  challenge for the month/season (on Twitter/Instagram) and invite your readers
  30. What do you love most about yourself?
  31. Your desk space essentials
  32. Shows/movies  you’ve always wanted to watch
  33. Experience of working with people older than you
  34. Working with people younger than you
  35. Airport hairstyles
  36. Purple lipsticks
  37. Orange lipsticks
  38. Dark lipsticks
  39. How you ended up in the job you’re at
  40. How you became a successful blogger
  41. Create something free to give away to your readers, like printable worksheets
  42. What did you do to grow your blog?
  43. Outfit of the day
  44. Room tour or house tour
  45. Try being vegetarian for a week
  46. Cheap makeup brands
  47. Biggest purchase regrets
  48. Favourite high-end makeup brands
  49. If your home could talk
  50. Letter to your siblings
  51. Being friends with someone for a long time
  52. Fashion trends you love
  53. Fashion trends you hate
  54. Your tattoos/piercings
  55. Your Meyers Briggs and what you believe about it
  56. Unusual Christmas trees
  57. Favourite high-end fashion brands
  58. A rant towards a trend you hate
  59. Try being vegan for a week
  60. Patrick’s day drink recipes
  61. Favourite late night snack recipe
  62. Favourite movie snack list
  63. A rant towards an inanimate object
  64. Fashion wishlist
  65. Handbag wishlist
  66. Favourite thrift stores
  67. Makeup storage ideas
  68. Your make storage and collection
  69. DIY hair mask
  70. DIY face mask
  71. What do you look for in a blog?
  72. What makes you come back and read more?
  73. What are the goals that you’d like to achieve for the season
  74. List of the bloggers that you admire
  75. Your most favourite blog posts
  76. Share your strategy on how you make money from your blog
  77. Share your favourite affiliate partner/sponsor
  78. Clothes haul
  79. Favourite websites you’ve visited this week
  80. Introduce us to your family
  81. Your dream job
  82. Monthly Favorites
  83. Monthly Empties
  84. Curling with a straightener
  85. Foundations for fair skin
  86. A quiz about something interesting
  87. What is confidence for you
  88. Things you think every women/men year old should know
  89. Blog series set up as a journal
  90. Favourite life/hair/beauty/cleaning hacks
  91. Halloween costume DIY
  92. Halloween decor DIY
  93. Thanksgiving DIY
  94. A new take on Thanksgiving recipes
  95. Christmas/winter holiday DIY
  96. Cookie recipe
  97. Favourite things about each holiday
  98. What I learned about my first job
  99. Your celebrity dinner party
  100. Anti bucket list
  101. Talk about your favourite makeup brand
  102. A list of your bad habits
  103. How to live with toxic people
  104. Your favourite quotes
  105. Life-changing experiences
  106. Being a woman in your 20’s
  107. How to start a blog
  108. How to keep a long-distance relationship
  109. How to effectively search for a job
  110. Favourite workout clothes
  111. Your workout routine
  112. Ways you save money
  113. Get ready with my post
  114. Review a book
  115. Review a movie
  116. Review an event
  117. A thank you note to an inanimate object
  118. Why you want to do _____ on your bucket list
  119. Makeup wishlist
  120. Mantras for success
  121. Mantras for stress
  122. Foundations for deep skin
  123. 5-minute hairstyles
  124. Vegan/cruelty-free makeup
  125. Summer makeup
  126. Do a YouTube tag…as a blog post
  127. What technology do you use to blog?
  128. What your childhood bedroom looked like
  129. Traditions with your best friends
  130. Blog tips that have worked for you
  131. What are the difficulties you’ve overcome in your blog?
  132. Interview famous people in your niche
  133. Share a day in your life
  134. Share your daily makeup routine
  135. Share you’re the go-to hairstyle
  136. Share your must-have items when you have little time to get ready
  137. Share your to-do list for the day/week/weekend/month
  138. Do guest posts with another blogger
  139. A review of a product/service
  140. Share articles that helped you improve your blog
  141. Write an open letter to your younger self
  142. Your favourite piece of art…and the history behind it
  143. Try foreign food and write about it
  144. Have someone do a guest post for you!
  145. Talk about your favourite animal
  146. Share your blogging or creative process
  147. A behind-the-scenes look at your blog or work studio
  148. Your blogging advice
  149. Pink lipsticks
  150. Favourite ‘cheat’ meal
  151. Write about a charity you support and why
  152. The local business you support
  153. Bright lipsticks
  154. Red lipsticks
  155. Makeup Haul
  156. Ways you bond with your family
  157. Monthly goals
  158. Favourite Instagram accounts
  159. Favourite twitter accounts
  160. A list of your pet peeves
  161. A day in your life
  162. All about one of your pets
  163. Facts about yourself
  164. A letter to your younger self
  165. A letter to your older self
  166. Letter to your favourite high school teacher
  167. Letter to your favourite college teacher
  168. Letter to your parents
  169. Letter to your grandparents
  170. Who has inspired you throughout your life?
  171. Share your plans (short term and long term)
  172. What you are looking forward to with your blogging journey?
  173. Share how you take/edit photos for your blog
  174. Share any photography tips that you have
  175. If you’ve been blogging for a while now, what advice can you give to new bloggers?
  176. Share products that you swear by
  177. Share the blogging essentials that you cannot live without
  178. What’s in your camera bag?
  179. What’s in your travel bag?
  180. How do you pack for a trip?
  181. Favourite Youtubers you watch every day
  182. Things you regret not doing in life
  183. Is there a product that you tried and made you realized you wasted your money?
  184. Share what apps you are currently obsessed with?
  185. Write a “Top 20” or “Top 10” post
  186. Stocking stuffer ideas
  187. Your beauty, fashion bucket list
  188. Travel bucket list
  189. Gift guide for people in your life
  190. Home decor wishlist
  191. What’s in your makeup bag?
  192. What’s in your gym bag?
  193. What’s in your office bag?
  194. Interview famous people in your niche
  195. Share a recent project that fire you up
Now You Have A Ton Of Blog Ideas

Now it’s your turn, Listen to your readers and you hear them hinting at new blog post topics.

I am sure, now you're bound to have plenty of blog ideas that will birth many awesome blogging posts.

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