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Top 11 Best High Paying Ticket Affiliate Programs (2019) For Bloggers In Any Niche

Do you know there are so many online affiliate programs, the list is endless, some of them pay you big commission, and some of them may less?
Top 11 Best High Paying Ticket Affiliate Programs (2019) For Bloggers In Any Niche
But I always prefer rules which I called 80/20.

Why I prefer and apply my 20% rule because 80% of affiliate marketing won’t make you money, yes this is the truth, many have already but there is a huge list, then what about most profitable or high paying revenue programs.

But first, what’s an affiliate marketing program?

In today’s post, I’ll share with you where you can find the 20%, I o know If you want to see the best affiliate programs to make money online, then you’ll love this high paying affiliate programs guide.

As all of you already know, affiliate marketing is one of the largest online industries and has become a key source of online passive income for many thousands of professional affiliate marketer, internet marketer, bloggers, webmasters, & entrepreneurs.

Let’s get into the top best Affiliate websites any level of
an affiliate marketer, a blogger can benefit from.

1. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
Want to have your dream car paid for?

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
"Join TheClickFunnels Affiliate Program And Let Us Buy Your DREAM CAR For You!"

Simply refer 100 customers to ClickFunnels and your new car could arrive sooner than you think.

"Get Just 100 New ClickFunnels Users...And We'll [ClickFunnels] Cover The Payments On YOUR Dream Car!"

As an affiliate, you also have the ability to earn huge recurring monthly passive commissions on all of their top-level products and services.

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program offers generous 40% recurring commissions per month on all sales you send their way.
Amazon Affiliate marketing Programs
Every marketer, blogger needs to know about this. Amazon has hands-down the most popular affiliate program out there. We’ve all heard about Amazon, haven’t we?

Amazon Associates is the #1 online platforms that give you access to products from more than 4 million sellers and Amazon Associates is one of the very first online affiliate marketing programs which was launched in early 1996.

The easiest and most popular affiliate program, you can recommend just about anything and get a commission from it!

Sign up to be an Amazon affiliate.

3. Clickbank Affiliate Program
ClickBank affiliate marketing programs
ClickBank is one of the oldest and most popular affiliate marketing platforms on the web. It has hundreds of thousands of physical products & digital in different niche categories.

Clickbank offers a wide range of high-converting digital products. Many of their products promise huge results like earning a ton of money, marketing parenting, education, cooking, business or losing a ton of weight loss.

Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs that deal with digital products such as video courses, eBooks.

Affiliate Marketers, bloggers in all niches have made millions of dollars promoting ClickBank products.

One big benefit of digital products is that they often pay much higher commissions that are the beauty of Clickbank, you get up to on average Commission Rate Up to 75%.

Click here to check out Clickbank.

4. Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Program
Rakuten is a leading online store, stocking everything from high-end digital products, electronics, health fitness, marketing, marketing, to pet supplies.
Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Program
The beauty of this platform is, LinkShare also allows for more flexible “deep linking” to individual merchant landing pages, this allows for increased customization of the types of campaigns you can run either own blog, landing page, or other social media channels.

The other features include rotating different banner ads for specific products.

Check out Linkshare here.

5. StudioPress Affiliate Program
StudioPress is another rather a niche but very worthwhile affiliate to pursue if you have the digital presence audience.

StudioPress affiliate Website
StudioPress is a WordPress hosting service and framework that is designed to make setting up and running a WordPress site much faster, simpler and easier.

StudioPress comes with its own unique themes, plugins and SEO tools, collectively known as the “Genesis framework.” with over 190,000 users.

Their affiliate program is solely for referrals to pay for a StudioPress framework account or buying Studio Press themes.

They create responsive, adaptable and highly customizable WordPress hosting and WordPress themes that extend the function and accessibility of WordPress fluidly.

Check out Linkshare here.

6. Bluehost Affiliate Program
Bluehost is another well known popular web hosting brand in the world.

Bluehost is currently one of the top recommended WordPress hosts available. With affordable prices, flexible packages and a 24-hour great customer support team, that’s why they’re so highly recommended.
If you’re stuck or just need some insight into the referral process, any technical help, they also feature dedicated affiliate managers that can help out when you need.

They offer $65 commission for new customers which can go above $120 per signup if you can provide high volumes of new sales and customers to them.

Sign up to be a Bluehost affiliate.

7. ConvertKit Affiliate Program
ConvertKit is a leading online email marketing platform. According to the company, they now have nearly 20,000 active customers of their email services.

Sign up to be a ConvertKit affiliate.

8. SemRush Affiliate Program

SEMRush is a most popular tool for internet marketers, SEOs and bloggers providing insight into how well websites perform in Google, whether it’s ranking, keywords, competitor analysis.

You can earn 40% commission on all new customer sign-ups. Commissions are recurring so you will get 40% of what your referral pays them every month until they stop paying for their subscription.

Click Here To Get Your SemRush - Tool - FREE TRIAL

9. PeerFly Affiliate Program
Peerfly is one of the fastest-growing CPA networks on the web. It is not only famous because of its wide range of offers and very competitive payouts, but also because it is quite generous in approving completely new marketers as well.

Peerfly is a CPA network with a comprehensive list of both digital and physical products. Peerfly stands out from its competitors because it offers a second-tier affiliate program that will earn you five per cent of everything your second-tier affiliates sell in their first year.

PeerFly is an award-winning, international online affiliate platform.

Peerfly also has its own referral program which pays you 5% for everything your referred affiliates sell in their first year.

Join Peerfly and start making money from the 2,000+ offers live on their network

10. ShareASale Affiliates Program
Shareasale has a great reputation for being honest and reliable, and you can find a wide variety of products to promote.

Featuring a plentiful marketplace full of merchants catering to almost everything you can think of, there’s always going to be relevant products for you to promote.

It’s also been in business for a long time. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my commission to be eaten up by an ad network company. This is another very large network offering a lot of options for your affiliate promotions.

They also have real-time tracking so you will know when a banner is clicked, or when a sale was made. ShareASale has been in business 17 years now, and they’ve definitely kept up with the times.

ShareASale publishes a large amount of data on each of the offers they are running, these include:
  1.  Earnings per Click affiliate product
  2. Reversal Rates affiliate product
  3. Average Sale Amount affiliate product
  4. Average Commission affiliate product

While these figures aren’t guarantees of payouts you can expect, they’re certainly very helpful in assessing a campaign.

Join the ShareASale Affiliates Program and start making money on their network

11. UDEMY Affiliates Program

Udemy is the biggest hub of free & paid online video courses on the web. With more than 65000 published courses, it has training & content in every niche possible, like marketing, designing, cooking, painting, business, just name it, you get a list here.

Join Udemy Affiliates Program and start making money on their network

Here is an Additional Great Course [I RECOMMENDED]:

Again, if you are absolutely new to affiliate marketing and wish to learn the ropes of earning money online, I highly recommend the boot camp training here:-> Affiliate Bootcamp

After implementing the advice provided in this course, my monthly affiliate income.


Concluding Words

Hopefully, this has given you a taster of Best Affiliate Programs. For you to begin working with right away, to monetise your website, blog and put a little extra money back into your online business.

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