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10 Different Types Of Blog Posts You Can Write To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

Do you need more blog post ideas?

Are you stuck for ideas on what to write about next on your blog?

Do you know when starting a blog, one of the most common questions you might think of is which are the most popular types of a blog?

Types Of Blog Posts That Are Proven To Boost Traffic
 Are you wondering what type of content will best engage your audience, the content your audience wants?

Do you know there are many different types of blogs covering a wide range of topics, content that interests your target audience, and best for your audiences?

You can embed videos, images, infographics, podcasts, you name it, sometimes, and it’s nice to mix things up!

My recommendation is to pick a few types of blog posts ideas that work well for your topic, niche and your audience, and use those types of posts for the majority of your blog content.

Then mix in some other types of posts for variety.

Have you been writing the same type of types of blog content again and again?

It adds a little more interesting blog topics and creative flair to your work online.

For a successful blog, you need to plan ahead and choose the right niche that works for you.

That's why the most popular types of blogs diversify their content, structure, and marketing that gets the most traffic.

In this article, I’ll share 10 most popular types of blog posts that made a common person a huge influencer in your niche and keep your readers coming back for more.

If you’re looking to grow your blogging business, maybe it’s time to try mixing things up a little.

OK, so below you’ll find a convenient list of types of good blog series ideas to create for your online blog.

If you’re finding yourself running out of ideas for valuable content, for your personal, creative, work, marketing or make money and any niche, then here are 10 different types of blog posts you can use on your blog to increased visitor engagement & improved SEO.

Let’s go!

POST #1: List Blog Posts
List posts are everywhere (you’re reading one).

List posts are so easy to create, simple to read or scan over and can provide a lot of usefulness ‘quick-tips’ to your audience or readers.

The list post is one of the most popular post types in use today.

There is, of course, the all famous list article post like:-

1. 8 uses of a blog,
2. 23 different kinds of blogs,
3. 10 types of blog sites
4. 15 travel popular blogs
5. 27 popular blog categories
6. 7 personal blog post ideas

Whatever your angle, there are tons of good lists online, just look around for ideas and get inspired!

POST #2: “How To” And Tutorials Blog Posts
Do you know this post format can also be used as a hook for entertainment value?

The how-to is the most powerful of all the blog writing successful content examples.
The content type of traffic
How To are also great for lead generation popular blog topics.

It could be anything like:-

1. How To Make Photoshop Design Tutorial Blog Topics?
2. How To Lose 30 Pounds?
3. How To Design A Great Business Card?
4. How To Creating A Brochure That Boosts Your Business?
5. How To Write Different Types Of Articles?
6. How To Write A Blog Post For School?
7. How To Write A Professional Blog Post?
8. How To Write A Blog For A Website?
How To Post Like A Blogger?
10. How To Write A Blog Article?
11. How To Write A Good Blog Post?
12. How To Write An Article Format?
How To Write A Good Article?
14. How To Post And Start Writing A Blog?
15. How To Make Money Blogging?

POST #3: Online Reviews Blog Posts
Writing a useful online review is something every blogger & an affiliate blogger typically writes review posts on affiliate products.

Another option that is extremely popular for affiliate marketing is to list the best products of a particular kind of products such as tech, gadget, books, products or services, if you have an audience that trusts you, reviews become a very powerful weapon in your niche websites business.

It could be anything like:-

1. I’ve written an article that is a list of 
The Ultimate Clickfunnels Review

In addition, you can include your affiliate links and make some money along the way.

POST #4: FAQ Blog Posts
In this type of post tackle frequently asked questions from your customers/readers.

Another huge benefit to the FAQ post is that the terms can drive tons of organic search engine traffic, as they have very high search volumes but very low competition, but it can be effective.

It could be anything like:-
1. Why you should create a budget
2. How to create a budget when you’re self-employed or have income fluctuations
3. How to create a budget when you’re paid weekly.

POST #5: Case Studies Blog Posts
As a blogger, I love case studies because they contain a story, I can relate to.

A case study shows the details of a real-world example, it presents a way of solving a problem based on a real-life example.

Most readers love case studies because they show actual results, not just theory.

Case study blog posts are great for lead conversion.

Some classic examples of successful good blogs posts ideas that create high-value case studies, they show real life examples of a topic that is valuable to your niche.



POST #6: Infographics Blog Posts
Do you know infographics are still a highly effective content type to garnish attention, links, boost blog traffic, very high perceived value, valuable backlinks too and shares.

Here are some examples of great infographics:

1. 12 Amazing SEO Infographics
2. Infographics for Web Designers: Information You Ought to Know

With sites like Snappa, Fiverr, Canva, creating an infographic is becoming easier.

POST #7: Guest Blog Posts
Do you guest blog posts are most popular, add a lot of value to your the audience, beneficial because you get a fresh perspective on your content aside from your own?

Creating high-quality post writing content takes time.
There are multiple benefits for you, the guest blogger & personal blogger.

1. Adds to credibility
2. Grows social media reach
3. Increases exposure
4. Increases the number of inbound links driving to their site (great for SEO)

With this site Fiverr, you can hire a freelance writer to come and write for you (Outsourcing) easier.

POST #8: Interviews Blog Posts
You can interview another blogger, an expert, one of your readers, or someone else who is an expert in their niche.

Interviews can also provide really helpful content for audiences, readers, visitors and subscribers, so there is a lot to love about this type of blog post.

If you don’t have expertise on something that you want to cover on your own blog, find an expert who is an expert in their niche willing to do an interview.

Blog interviews are the types of blogs with most traffic that can really draw a lot of attention, especially from social media.

This types of blog content post have a lot of sharing the potential to drive traffic to your site, even better if you can create a podcast interview or even a video interview blog post content.

Plus, you don’t even have to prepare many types of articles content materials. The person you’re interviewing will be responsible for the content!

If you think I want to write a blog or a first blog post but don’t know what to write and how to write, then you bring in guests who are an expert in an area that is not your core expertise.

Interview posts are perfect for when you want to develop a piece of blog articles content but don’t have time to create it personally.

POST #9: Checklists & Cheat Sheets Blog Posts
Checklists and Cheat Sheets are a popular blog post article with readers because they are extremely useful,
specific and practical.

For providing this useful resource, your targeted audience likely wants to consume and download more best content of yours. 
Once you have the checklist ready, write a blog post title describing what it’s for and how to use it, gives them a step-by-step breakdown of what they need to do to achieve a goal.

POST #10: Tools & Resources Link Blog Posts
You can use a tool & resource blog post list to announce your new software, tool, plugin, service, etc.

You can break out to best most popular FREE tools and best-PAID tools.

Hence, good types of blogging styles post to write about are a compilation of tools & resources that you like.

Additionally, you can add writing a blog lengthy article some of your own content to create even more value

Here are some Resources & Tools blog posts examples:
1. My Recommended Tools & Resources
2. 13 Best SEO Tools & Resources That Will Skyrocket Your Website Ranking

Wrapping Up:
And that wraps up my list of what I think are the best different types of blog posts for bloggers!

These are the major types of blogs posts but there are a lot more to discover, help with the appearance, engage readers, that make money, improve conversions, and ramp up your traffic, authority in your niche, usability as well as the reach of the audience for your blogs.

You decide which types of blogs to start for your topics?

Pick an idea of your choice or mix it and start diversifying your blog content to satisfy your audience and grow your blog.

So, adding these different types of posts mentioned in this article to your websites or blog will definitely attract more traffic, more readers, more sales, and more income to your blogs.

So, they’re my 10 Best blog post categories list ideas.

What do you think about these different types of blog writing posts?

Any other recommendations or blog post topics you’d like me to cover?

Let me know in the comments below.

As mentioned, these are just a few of the many types of blog posts. Which of your favourites would you add to this list?

Did I miss any list of blogging articles examples format that you think is essential too? I would appreciate if you suggest me any.

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