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Best Books[Recommended Reading List]

I try to read one book every week (except in the summer when I surprisingly have less free time).

In each of these sections, you’ll find some of my favourites I’ve used to help me build an incredible 

life of abundance. It’s the same type of life I hope you can experience.  These books will help you get there.

Buy them used, check them out at your local library, borrow them, just make a plan to read some or all of them.  Commit to reading just one each month, and you’ll improve your life ten-fold.

1. Books for Jump-Starting Your Small Business
If you’re thinking of becoming an entrepreneur and starting a small business, these books are essential.  You can probably find many of them in your local library which will save you from having to buy them.

Many of these books I stumbled upon after I had been a small business owner for years. As I read through them (The $100 Startup is a perfect example) I would think to myself ‘oh, I remember doing that‘. Grab these to shortcut your success.

 Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur   The $100 Startup   Will It Fly  Guerilla Marketing

2. Personal Growth Books
For me, time is money. Anything I can do to become more efficient is of interest to me. Out of all these books, I wish I had the one on speed reading (Breakthrough Rapid Reading) back in high school.  After spending eight weeks teaching myself to speed read, books that used to take me 4-5 hours to read now take thirty minutes.
 The Talent Code  The Miracle Morning  Awaken the Giant Within  Mindset

3. Investing / Personal Finance Books
If you are new to personal finance, these books help you go from beginner to intermediate.

If I had to pick just one book for you, it would be the Millionaire Next Door. This book will completely change your view of money for the better.
And yes, I am the author of 99 Minute Millionaire. If I didn’t think it was good I would have never published it.

 99 Minute Millionaire  MONEY Master the Game  The One-Page Financial Plan The Millionaire Next Door

To keep my spirits up, I read books. I pretty much read whatever was on the top 10 list in the business section.
3. The 4-Hour Workweek
4. The Millionaire Next Door
5. How To Win Friends & Influence People

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