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How To Start A Professional Profitable Successful Blog From Scratch & Make $2749 Every Month From It [Blogging Guide]?

Do you want to know how to create your own Professional Profitable BLOG?

Confused about ‘How to start a BLOG‘?

So, you want to start with your blog huh?

Great idea!
But…how the terrible do you get started?

There’s so much info out there on the web, and everyone’s informing you to do different things.

I'm going to warn you, this is a fairly long detail step by step guide but it's probably the most important one. DO NOT SKIP THIS!

Who do you pay attention to?

Where’s the beginning point?
Damnit, maybe you should just forget it – it’s too confusing!
Well, stuck. I used to be writing a blog beginner too. I had the same problems.

I began my blog ( was returning in 2008, and I realized less than nothing about writing a blog.

In fact,t it was the only week before I’d learned what your blog was.
Now I know a ton about them, and my blog’s doing nearly as effective as – I get more than 50,000 unique guests per month which creates me consider, myself someone you could pay attention to and learn from when it comes to developing your own blog.

I’m not some sort of Expert, but I certainly do know the basic fundamentals.
I assurance it’ll be simple, relatively simple, and definitely clear and understandable (no ridiculous jargon). Sound good?

Awesome, let’s move on.
Then you’re in the right place because today I’m going to show you how, to begin with, a WordPress blog for starters step-by-step.

I fought for at least a season with the concept of beginning my own blogs. I had done enough research to know how to begin with your blog and the dedication it requires generating income from a blog.

I lastly began my first two blogs delayed 2016…I wish I had begun much earlier.
The cash came gradually at first. It wasn’t until a few several weeks in that I created any cash at all and was nearly a season before I was creating over $1,000 per month.
But that’s when something amazing began to happen.

Once I approved that one-year factor, the blogs began taking off. I began three more blogs in 2016 and am making over $30,000 in the last two decades.
My writing a blog income averaged $6,800 in the last three several weeks and that doesn’t include cash gained from outsourcing tasks.
All on about 15 to 20 hours a week blogging!

I’m happy with the improvement so far but it’s just the beginning of what’s possible in writing a blog. I know blog writers that have had their website for just a few many are earning nearly $10,000 a month.

One significant blog writer I adhere to creates more than $3000 a month!
The large potential for earning cash on your blog and using it as promotional marketing for your other perform from home businesses is tempered by the performance and dedication needed to achieve success.

I won’t lie to you, it requires a few several weeks to begin with your blog and develop it to more than a few thousand guests a day.
Sometimes it will feel like you’re discussing to yourself but stick with it and it’s all worth it.
The best time to begin with your blog is before you want it to begin to generate income. A lot of your guests are going to come from Gothe ogle search engine and it needs a chance to develop your position ranking.

Even if you don’t have much a chance to invest in your blog website right now, consider beginning it now and just publishing once a week.
Just invest five hours a week as interest and don’t worry about earning cash or blog traffic.

When you’re ready to really begin to generate income, you’ll already have large search rankings results positions and lots of per month guests to get you began.
The benefit to the work and a time to begin with your blog is that it’s one of the least expensive ways to generate income.

Then go through the guide below on how to start with your blog.

Why BlueHost to start with your blog?

BlueHost is the go-to hosting service for beginner blog writers. It’s simple to use and provides the best lower price discount deal in hosting.

By simply clicking the link above you get a free website name, simple website developing building tools resources, a money-back assurance and hosting for just $2.95 per month.
You’ll have everything you need to run the whole blog on less than $45 a year.
I’m so grateful you’re here! My goal is to describe the necessary steps to get off to an excellent and effective writing a blog begins, no technical experience required.

Why You Shouldn’t Start A 100% Free Blog

Why not begin your blog website without any charge on Blogger or Blogspot?
·         Because you can’t control the website.
·         Your website provider is going to be running advertising and earning cash off your website.
·         You also won’t have access to the writing a blog resources tools you need to achieve success.
Why Start A Blog?
Okay, okay. Based on what qualifications and background you come from, composing your blog site may sound like a waste of time?

When I discuss about composing your blog site, I don’t mean stuffing out your personal publication for others to see.

I’m referring to composing high-quality content on topics people care about and fixing their problems. This type of composing your weblog site is what makes you cash.
Top bloggers are creating millions of money per year and some of these guys started only a few years back.
Even if that’s not your primary inspiration, you’ll:
  • Develop reliability, credibility online and set up your expertise
  • Become a better author and thinker
  • Get more client-work
  • Create your continue take a position out
  • Understand new things
  • Have a getaway while doing it
Read This Part Carefully
I know what you’re doing right now. You’re creating up a thousand excuses right now to not do this.


It may appear like I’m promoting or selling “the dream” to you, but the reality is, I’m not promoting or selling you anything.
I’m trying to help you out. You’re not going to become rich over night, but this is what you NEED to do if your objective is financial independence and place independence, with a pleasant job.

Here’s a small record list of small things you’re concerned about right now:

  • Blogging is too expensive!
  • I don’t have plenty of here we are at this.
  • No one is ever going to understand my blog.
  • I’m not going for making any money.
  • I don’t know what to speak about.

Now STOP it.

Everyone is scared when they’re beginning something new and important, but there’s nothing to worry of.
This will be a smart financial investment and time commitment per day for you, it’ll take 2 hours of your time and effort every individual week and I’m going to help you out every step of the way.
I’ll explain you exactly how to begin with, how to share your first publish posts, how to create your website blog, how to generate income from it, how to get guests it and everything else you’ll need to know.
There’s no coding development information required, hardly any cash and a little bit of your time. Just get started!
How To Begin Your Blog In Simple Steps

 Find Your Niche
Before you actually learn to do this, you need to figure out what you’re going to be writing about. One of the key “secrets” to blogging success is choosing a niche market (basically a topic) that you have an interest in and most importantly, have the ability to compete in.

Choose a niche too small and you’ll run out of blog post ideas, make a lot less money and be limited to just that industry. Choose a niche that’s too broad and you’ll probably have a hard time competing and getting any visitors to your blog.

When you choose a niche, go for one that:
-  You are super interested in has an upwards trend,
-  Has more than one monetization opportunity,
-  You've already got knowledge about,
-  Has a relatively low competition

Examples of (good) niches:
-  Deep sea diving guide
-  Weight Loss tips
-  Baby Swimming techniques
-  First aid online training
-  Bear hunting tips
-  Saving money for college
-  Labrador training guide

 Choose A Content Management System (CMS) Blogging Platform (WordPress)
A CMS (content management system) is the application your web site operates on. That’s where you’re going to log into to actually create your post, articles, modify the design style, and handle content and so on.
The summary was to use WordPress as we’ll be doing with this guide.
Of course, you can use a development terminology and rule a web site from zero, but I am trying to display you how.
There’re thousands of pre-made CMS (content management system) out there that make simpler.
There are two extremely typical methods of beginning a blog site, one of them is excellent, and the other is bad.

Using An Online Blogging Platform

There are a lot of web sites you can sign-up on, such as,,

Basically, register on their web site and you have yourself your blog site, this requires like 30 to 60 seconds. This is the bad way I was discussing about.

There are many solutions you can use to begin a website or blog. You may be influenced to use a no cost support, but know you’ll be restricted, and in some instances, quite seriously.

You get what you pay for, as they say. Using a paid-for support isn’t costly. It’s a no-brainer in my view.
Choosing where you want to develop blog is actually much the first factor you have to do. I’m going to take a jump and believe you’ve heard of WordPress, and this is the system I suggest.

It’s massive.

It’s by far one of the greatest writing blog systems platforms in the globe, with plenty of plug-ins and add-ons and almost unlimited methods to develop and design structure layout your blog site.
There are more than 82 million active users of WordPress = a lot, basically.
Bogging Platform
What Is The Best Blogging Platform?
Of the many composing blog techniques out there, WordPress is, by far, the most favored. This is for a valid reason.

I use WordPress myself and appreciate its versatility, performance, the simplicity of use and an enormous group of those who shared resources tools and concepts ideas.

It’s an outstanding option. And don’t fear, if you want a site without a weblog, WordPress creates it easy.
Caution! Within WordPress, you have two choices. Individuals are often puzzled by the two so I’ll discuss them here:

• Hosted WordPress blogs are also known as “ blogs.”

• Self-hosted WordPress blogs are also known as “ blogs.” (Recommended)

A self-hosted WordPress expenses a little bit of money, but will give you much more control and versatility. It’s definitely what I suggest.
This information describes the how to make a self-hosted WordPress blog.
Here’s why you shouldn’t use an on the internet composing a blog service like Blogspot:
• They can remove your blog at any time
• You can’t use your own domain name
• There’s almost zero versatility with the blog
• It’s more costly in the long run
• You’re not permitted to generate income from the blog but they will
• You do not own it

So What’s The Solution?

Go with the self-hosted form of WordPress. This signifies that you’ll have the information of your site on a server (which is a small investment) but it’ll also mean that you own everything and control everything, which is an awesome place to be in.

You’ll be able to develop the site however you want, modify any code rule, set up awesome plug-ins that make your site better and so much more.
Here are some statistics about WordPress to get you even more excited:
• There are over 74,652,825 sites operated by WordPress
• 68 out of the 100 top blogs in the world are operated by WordPress
• WordPress is available in 60+ languages
• 42 of 100 websites authorized in the US will be WordPress sites (320,000+ new domain websites are authorized on a regular basis)
• 53,139+ WordPress plug-ins available

Impressive, isn’t it?

WordPress Is Extremely Flexible

Although it began as a easy composing a blog service, it now abilities not only the top blogs but an incredible number of business sites out there as well. The New Yorker, BBC The United States, Best Buy, Forbes and even Samsung use WordPress.

No issue what type of web or blog site you’re looking to develop – WordPress can do it without difficulty.

Ease of Use

Out of the many, those who begin using WordPress every single day; most of them do not have a technological innovation or computer-related qualifications. WordPress has been made with a person with regular skills under consideration.

Everything varying from installation to design develop and composing your first publish post is extremely easy, your 95-year old grandmother and 5-year old relative cousin would both be able to do it, especially with the help of this information.

It’s FREE!

WordPress is open-source, which indicates its entire code rule is openly available for anyone to use. You don’t have to pay anything to use system platform itself, the only financial investment you will have is a web server to support the information so that your web site is on the internet and available by others 24/7.

Search Engine Friendly

Let’s experience the facts, having a website blog sucks if no one is studying it. WordPress sites are extremely on the search engine user friendly and more helpful which indicates generating the visitors will be much less difficult.


There are a huge number of illustrations where those who zero marketing qualifications simply discuss their concepts ideas and then increase your following through Google’s organic outcomes. WordPress creates this much more likely to occur.


I’ve been using WordPress for over eight years on 60+ different sites and I’ve never been able to break it. There’s not much you can break when it comes to WordPress and that’s an outstanding great factor.

The last thing you prevent is to deal with details you have no concept idea about. It can be a significant time-suck with other CMS (content management systems).

 Choosing And Buying A Domain Name
Your first job in beginning a web blog is to select a domain name address which is just the name of your site. This is a bigger aspect than you might think. It’s challenging is going to be domain once you’ve began and it’s the key point in ranking position on Google.
Learning to set up and create your blog site is a very important factor, but it also needs a name. Your domain address is how your viewers will be arriving at your site, what they enter in their internet web browsers explorer. As you know, our domain address is

Every individual web site has one and we need to determine what yours is going to be.
Here are the 8 guidelines I adhere to for selecting the best domain name:
  1. It has to be obvious and recognized in a second
  2. It has to be brandable (think VS
  3. Keep it brief (2-3 terms of words maximum)
  5. Keep the name versatile, don’t restrict yourself
  6. Only .com domains!
  7. Use a keyword and key phrase in the name if possible
  8. Don’t over think it, select something!
STEP 4) Choosing A Web Hosting CompanyAs you already know, when you’re looking to begin with your website blog, you have to go with a self-hosted WordPress solution; it’s a no-brainer. That indicates you’ll need to have a websites agency who will keep your web website up 24/7. Here are the key requirements to look out for when selecting a hosting organization.
Site-speed is critical and one of the primary aspects of that is the websites hosting agency you decide to go with. No one wants to wait for a website to load so much time, if it takes more than two seconds, it’s simpler to hit the rear key and go to another website.

That indicates you lose a prospective client or reader. Not only that, site-speed is incredibly necessary for Search engines ranking positions – it’s one of the many position aspects. Search engines will not display sites on the top of their search results that take ages to load, period.
Your blog/website is useless if it’s down when a user is trying to visit. Unfortunately, a lot of website hosts have server overloads and other technical difficulties that cause sites to go down on a consistent basis.

As a webmaster, it’s an awful feeling for two reasons: you cannot do anything about it and you’re losing profits.
Choosing a reliable web hosting will help with this issue and we’ve got an amazing ideas for you. How does a 99.9% up-time assurance sound? Keep updated in.
Price is always an essential factor, no matter what we’re talking about. Website hosting service comes in a different price cost levels, it can be anywhere from 3 dollars per month to 2,000 dollars per month.

The fact website hosts don’t want you to know is that you don’t NEED to invest a lot of cash. I’m confident in saying that 80% of you will only need to invest 3-5 dollars per month on hosting and I’m going to show you which one to get.

 It’s going to be an excellent financial investment of 31 cents a day, that’s it!


Web servers and sites can get incredibly complicated when you run into some kind of issue.

I’m not a tech-person and I don’t expect you to be one either, that’s why having access to 24/7 assistance is one of my primary requirements when selecting a hosting service agency.

The organization we’ll be presenting you to, has 24/7 stay live chat assistance that will help you out INSTANTLY!

A hosting provides server space for your website. Put simply, when your website lives on a server (instead of on the computer on your desk), others can find your website on the internet.

Ready to begin with your own blog?

Start on this 
link to go to Bluehost (this web link will open in a new window so you can reference these guidelines as you work). I have been a buying client of theirs for over 15 years.
Bluehost price plans
Once the website opens, select the green Get Started Now key button.

By the way, the pictures you see here may vary a little bit from the ones you see on your screen. This is because Bluehost never prevents creating website developments. You might even catch them in a sale! Don’t worry; the general process is the same.

Select your plan

Choose the strategy you’d like to begin with. I typically go with the Plus or Prime strategy plan because you get more endless features.

Note that all plans come with one 100% free domain (for one year) which is excellent. Your domain name is your web address. I’ll discuss about selecting a domain name in a minute.
Select bluehost hosting WordPress plans
If your budget is incredibly tight (I’ve certainly been there), go ahead and opt for the Basic plan. You can update whenever you want.

Click one of the green “select” control buttons to move to the next step.

At one time, they have 24/7 stay live chat assistance that will fix any problems you might have, immediately. They’re specific in hosting WordPress sites, which is exactly what we’re going for with this guide.

The actual program they have will be an excellent financial investment of about 13 cents per day and will power one web website, up to TEN THOUSAND per month guests.
After that, the next update is only 26 cents per day and will allow multiple sites, up to 25,000 per month guests.
This is a unique lower price BlueHost has given Edoup visitors
. If only act now, you can get a 40% lower price on the cost of any hosting program you picked, (woohoo!) and 100% free website migration if you’re coming from another hosting organization.


Last 1 month their up-time was 99.999% and they’ve also said that if you experience more than 0.1% of recovery time in annually, you will be paid.

They’ve also got a 30-day money return back policy which will give you the ultimate satisfaction. It’s a no-brainer.

Bluehost provides a FREE domain name address – and the best possible cost – when you 
register through my link

If you want to begin with your website blog that makes cash you are going to want to begin with one on Bluehost. Bluehost provides many advantages, including:
• Extremely Affordable – by using my web link you get hosting for just $2.95 per 1 month, which is less than $36 annually.

• Free Domain Name – you will get a no cost sector address when you indication up for hosting on Bluehost using my link

• Extremely Easy WordPress Set up – Bluehost has a “one-click” WordPress installation

• 24/7 Technical Support – Bluehost tech assistance is available 24/7 and has been excellent whenever I’ve used them

• Eye-catching to Promoters – having a self-hosted website blog is easy for advertisers and will ensure it is simpler to generate income blogging

• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – if you terminate within 1 month you have a 100% return on your hosting service

• Extended Money Back Guarantee – if you terminate after 1 month you have a prorated return for all your hosting term

As you can see there are a ton of benefits of using BlueHost to begin with your weblog. With their money-back assurance, there is very little risk of starting your blog through BlueHost, and so much risk of earning cash writing a blog.
If you want to begin with your website blog on BlueHost simply click here to get the smallest possible cost and FREE domain name address and then follow through the rest of the guide.

 Setting Up Your Web Hosting
Setting up your web hosting is the first step in learning how to create a blog. It’s super easy and requires almost no effort on your part. Here’s how to do it.
Start off by clicking our coupon in the box below. This ensures that you get the absolute best price and all of the bonuses BlueHost has given our readers – such as the 40% discount off any website hosting package.
Click on the blue link below to claim a 40% discount given to Edoup readers – this includes free migration and a free domain name. BlueHost is one of the most popular WordPress hosts and they’re highly respected in the industry. Ultra fast site speeds, excellent 24/7 support and next-level security is what you’ll be getting – claim the deal!

 How To Install WordPress
Choose domain
Installation is quite easy. It will take you only a few minutes to setup your first blog. Just log on to your new Bluehost Account and click on ‘WordPress Tools,’ then click on ‘New Install.’

Choose Domain without ‘www,’ leave ‘Path’ blank and fill other information.

 This is important, and most new bloggers make this mistake. Never put easy to guess username and password. Always use the hard one.
Once you click on ‘Install WordpPress.’ Your installation will begin, and you will receive a successful message like below.

You see how easy it is to install WordPress on your very first blog? No matter now how many blogs you create. The process remains the same.

Now login to your ‘WordPress Dashboard’ by putting this URL into the address bar. ‘’
WordPress Dashboard
Replace ‘’ with yours. Enter your username and password and login.

 Choosing A WordPress Theme
With a traditional standard web site, you need to seek the services of an artist to create the style design for your web site and blog piece it into items.

Then you have to seek the services of an individual developer person, an artist, to put that style into code rule and make it efficient. With WordPress, all of these extra costs are eliminated. WordPress has styles themes.
A WordPress theme is actually a pre-made style design for your web site or blog that takes only one just click to set up and one just click to activate – you can transform this as many times as you wish, as often as you wish.

This way you can have a site in any sort of style, with any type of purpose in a super almost no time, with no technological knowledge needed.
The standard WordPress theme is not breathtaking, that’s why we’re going to show you how to modify it. There are a large number of 100% free options available and plenty of top quality premium editions out there as well.
Although 100% free styles themes are often great, it’s difficult to find one with a comprehensive offer that suits your idea of a perfect blog.
The concept theme of your website blog is just the structure layout, where things show up and the overall style design. Theme styles can change the number of content columns, show content in different locations and even make your blog look better on Smartphone’s and tablets.
There are a few free themes available on WordPress but they aren’t as eye-catching and are not responsive for various dimensions of gadgets. A responsive design style, one that changes according to the system size, is important as more people go online on their Smartphone’s and tablets.

Search engines will penalize your website and lower its ranking position if your blog isn’t sensitive to different gadgets.
I started all my blogs on a Genesis framework structure available on ThemeForest. The website provides many themes and designers and developers. You only have to buy a concept theme once and you can implement it to however many blogs you own.

Changing Your Blog’s Design (Themes & Layouts)
WordPress blogging platform uses design templates called “Themes” to figure out how your site should look. Changing your blog’s layout style and design is as simple as installing a new theme.

There are over 45,565 professionally designed, fully-customization and free themes to choose from – so you’ve got a lot of options. If you want to see premium themes and designs like the Genesis Framework, head over to 

On, we use the 
ThemeForest. Here’s why we love it:
• Great user experience for our readers
• Perfectly SEO optimized
• Well coded which means no problems
• Super easy to customize and build upon
• It’s responsive (works on mobile devices)
• Ridiculously cheap price

Click Here To Get Your ThemeForest - Themes
You can also get a customized concept theme design from an artist on fiverr. The website is a freelance worker system for getting style performs from digital designer and developers to images, logos and design templates.
Click Here To Get Your Fiverr - Marketplace

It takes less than five minutes to explain assembling your shed in a demand and set your financial budget.

Within a few days, you’ll get a multitude of style concepts designs from different designers or developers. You choose the best one and interact with each other with the designer or developer on details. I’ve used the website for images and some customized infographics.
If you have an artist developer style design your concept theme, they’ll publish it to your website as well. It’s not too difficult to do yourself or you can delegate the work to an artist or developer from Fiverr even if you didn’t have them style the concept theme design.

1. Sign in to your WordPress administration area and simply just click “Appearance –> Themes”

2. Click “Add Theme” and then “Upload Theme”

 3. Most downloadable styles will come in a zip computer file format. Upload the entire zip computer file and just click “Activate” when the concept theme submissions.

Depending on your concept theme, you may have more options to personalize when you stimulate it.
Let’s create your website blog site look exactly how you want it to.

To select a new concept theme, you can either visit Appearance > Themes and use a 
free WordPress concept theme or you can visit a top quality concept premium theme website like ThemeForest [RECOMMENDED] and buy a concept design theme from $3.

I usually select something that looks professional and pretty simple to personalize. WordPress also has this amazing function that allows you to change themes with just a few mouse clicks.

So if you start getting exhausted of your current blog design, you can just move to another one without dropping any valuable content or pictures.
Remember, your blog’s style design should indicate both you and your character, but also what your website blog is about. There’s no point having a football-orientated concept theme if your blog site is about golf, understand?
On top of that, it should be simple to get around if you want individuals to stay. If it’s challenging and difficult to move around it, individuals won’t stay.
Design is a very subjective art; significance everyone prefers different things.
But no one prefers unpleasant sites, and they especially dislike sites that need an excellent level to get around. Allow them.
Add new theme
How To Install A Theme:
Mouse over to ‘Appearance’ from the sidebar and click on ‘Themes.’

Now click on ‘Add New’ from the top.

Hold on a second! There are two things we can do here.
1. If you have purchased a theme, we will upload it.
2. But for some reason (low budget) or you are just starting, it’s ok to start with free one.

Later we can upgrade.

Let me show you both way.
Install theme now
Feature filter

Add theme and install
To Install Free One:
Here once you click on ‘Add New,’ you can browse some ‘Featured’ themes available on the same page. Check out which you like the most. Mouse over to that and you will see a button of ‘Install.’

There are only a few. But you can explore to 1,000+ free designs from here. Just click on ‘Feature Filter’ and select what kind of design you are interested.

You will have amazing results. Click on ‘Apply Filters’ to see and then choose which layout is suitable for you.

In my case, I like ‘eMag.’ Mouse over to layout you like and click on ‘Install.’

Free theme installed
Next, you will see an option to ‘Activate’ in the same place where ‘Install’ was written before. ‘Activate’ theme, and you are done here installing a new free theme.

We have successfully installed a free theme.

To Install Paid One:
Installing a paid theme isn’t hard. Once you have purchased a theme from ThemeForest, all you have to do is to mouse over to ‘Appearance,’ then click on ‘Themes’ and then ‘Add New.’ After it, we need to click on ‘Upload Theme.’

Now ‘Choose File’ and then ‘Install Now.’

Once you install it, click on ‘Activate’ and congratulations as now you have a paid theme installed.
What Else You Need:
Well at this point since we are just new here and we need to configure here lots of things. But here our blog will look ugly if we don’t have some basic designs like ‘Logo.’

Add a Logo:
If you don’t have a logo at this stage, don’t worry. Get the one at Fiverr for as cheap as $5. But I can also help you in that, and I have a professional team who design stunning and beautiful logos or big brands. Do contact me.
However, adding a logo can be different in all themes. Since every theme has its functions/options that display as designer and developers want.

Also sometimes, theme options come under ‘Appearance’ or separately like I have below which I got after installing ‘
my same theme which is running right now 

Here is what you need to do. Mouse over to ‘Themes Options,’ Select ‘Header Styling,’

Click on ‘Upload,’ chose your logo file, upload it and finally click on ‘Save Changes.’

At this time, you don’t need to be worried about how your blog looks. Just stay with me and let me configure some more settings for you. Once you complete all the steps, you will be happy.

 Choosing Your WordPress Plugins
With a traditional standard web site, you need to seek the services of an artist to create the style design for your web site and blog piece it into items.
WordPress plug-ins are basically small applications that you can set up on your website to give it more performance. This could be a plug-in that reveals advertising popup, gathers e-mails, makes a contact page, and blows hyperlinks – anything.
Plugins are resources tools for your blog website designed by technical individuals because…you’re not technical individuals.

There is thousands of plug-ins that will let you do everything from limit time takes your blog website to show up on someone’s display to displaying the most popular content in an element box on your website. Plugins are essential.
You have to be a little particular though because having too many plug-ins will reduce your website. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about it much unless you have more than 20 or so plug-ins.
Most of the plug-ins you’ll need is 100% free though many will offer specs for a price. I only use four paid plug-ins in comparison to 100% free plug-ins. To find a plug-in, go to “Plugins” on your WordPress selection menu and then look for a particular plug-in or for a subject.
Installing plug-ins is easy to understand. When you’re looking for new plug-ins, check out how many other many individuals have downloadable it and when the before it’s been modified.

I wouldn’t use a plug-in that hasn’t been downloadable by at least a few countless numbers, just to make sure it’s been examined by a lot of customers.
While the plug-in will help you handle some aspects in your short article to get rated in online ranking in search engine, you absolutely must start thinking about an overall look for search engine technique.

A good SEO process is very important to your success as a blog writer and making as much money as possible.
Here are WordPress plugins that we think are must-have:
Yoast SEO – The easiest way to optimize your website for search engines.
W3 Total Cache – Make your website load faster.
COMPRESS & IMAGE OPTIMIZATION – Increase Your Site’s Seo Ranking and Automatically Compress Images to Make Your Website Faster.
Wordfence Security – Prevent hacking attempts, keep your website secure.
Contact Form 7 – The easiest way to let your readers get in touch with you.

 Publishing Your First Blog Post On WordPress
With a traditional standard web site, you need to seek the services of an artist to create the style design for your web site and blog piece it into items.
Adding a new post on Wordpress
Publishing your blog post
Why did you want to know how to make a blog? So you could make a short article post, of course! With WordPress, this is extremely easy.

Log in to your administration dash panel at and choose “Posts” and “Add new” from the left-hand sidebar.

Now it’s as easy as coming into your content material and pushing publish!

How To Commence A Blog Post
Once you’ve got everything set up, you’re lastly ready to begin blogging! This area and the next are going is your new best buddy.

I’ve seen blogs that have been around for a long time that aren’t using some of the concepts below…and are paying the price in low blog traffic.

Follow the concepts ideas below and for a jump begin on getting individuals to visit your blog site.

Getting your publishing post on your blog site is pretty easy, just go to “Posts” and then “Add New” in your WordPress menu selection.
One of the most prevalent questions I get from new blog writers is how I do come up with new post concepts ideas weekly. I’ve been writing a blog and composing independent since 2016, most of that time composing up-wards of 20 or 30 web pages weekly.
The best way to get new writing blog concepts ideas is to invest 30 minutes or so every day studying other website blogs and news. You’ll need to study other blogs as a way to engage with other blog writers anyway.
Actively studying daily can offer concepts ideas of products to make about. When you get a concept idea or see a subject you like, jot down the concept idea and a few key points. A big part of being an excellent author or blog author is to have a procedure that makes everything go quicker.
Whenever I get a concept idea post or go to make a short article, I begin with a difficult summarize of key concepts ideas. Having and summarize and the key concepts ideas really allows when you go to do the actual composing.
When you do sit down to make a post…just make it out. Don’t fear too much about it being a completely designed Pulitzer-worthy post. Just make out a passage or two for each key point.

Too many new bloggers invest hours on a single area or passage, concerning too much about their difficult draft set up.
Make sure you duplicate the URL website address with for any information you come across because you’ll want to give hyperlinks in you if guests want more details. Once you’re done composing out a difficult draft set up, you can go back through to make sure it moves well.
It’s a little trivial but individuals choose whether they’ll study something based on the headline title. Put together at least five headline title concepts ideas for every post before you choose on the best.

What headings title always seems to entice your eye? Consider title themes like shock, comedy or shock. Designated details always work well but you don’t want to do more than every few content material.
How lengthy should your content article material be? I handled a couple of blogs that had been publishing for six decades with hardly 1,800 guests a month. Evaluate that with one of my blogs that achieved over 10,000 guests after six months.
Among other stuff, a lot of it was because of post duration. Most of the details on the other blogger’s site were under 300 terms of words and were absolutely useless in your vision of search engines.
There’s some discussion about whether search engines will even position rank your publishing post if it’s less than 300 terms of words lengthy but there’s no question that super-short content material won’t bring you much traffic. In fact, research on the common term duration of first-page Look for engines results reveals a normal well above 2,000 word terms.
What is approx a blog post length ?
Longer content material post are more likely to have a lot of details that individuals will discuss and link to fro other sites. Longer content material posts will also give you a better chance at the ranking position for different keywords and phrases.

Now every post you’re publishing post can’t be a large number of word terms lengthy, it would take just an extended time to make. I try composing at least one long-form post a month, something with lots of details and check value.

For the rest of my content material, I’ll aim for between 700 and 1,000 word terms. It’s still enough to get in some good details but won’t take you more than an hour to make.

Adding pictures is important for guests and for 
SEO reasons. For guests, pictures help break up lengthy moves and help with visual details information.

We’re not discussing about just such as any old picture but ones that add to the content details.

When you go to add a picture to your publishing post, make sure you save the computer file name with the keyword and key phrase in it.
When you add the picture into the post, through the “Add Media” key, you’ll see containers along the right side of the screen for headline title, caption, Alt written text and knowledge.

These are stuff that Google for engines will see when it recognizes a picture in your publishing post.
You don’t actually need a caption but must have a headline title, alt written text and knowledge. The Alt Text and Description should be a phrase or two and should include keywords and phrases.
When you place the picture, make sure keywords and phrases have been booming into the “Alternative Text” and “Image Title Attribute” containers by simply clicking the picture and modifying it.
Before you hit the post on your publishing, you’ll want to allocate it to a classification. These are the main subjects you consistently make about on your website. Giving content material groups allows guests to find their way around to more content material of interest.

I like such as a classification list in my sidebar and on the site so individuals don’t have to look too hard for something else to study.
You’ll also want to add three or four labels tags to your publishing. These are other keywords and phrases that correspond with the post.
One of the last factors you’ll do when you’re publishing an article is to make the meta-description. This is what individuals see under your headline title when they explore Google for search engines, so make it illustrative and exciting.

If you’ve got the Yoast plug-in, you’ll get a useful box at the base of the WordPress post web page to put in your details. It should be at least 120 characters but less than 160 words of characters.
You can either post an article instantly or routine it to make in the future. I make all my content material early and then routine them in advance. It allows making sure you keep a normal publishing routine even if something comes up.
Want to begin with another one? Simply go through the procedure again!
Having issues? I’m here to help!
Even though this detail guide tutorial is extremely thorough, if you run into any problems or have questions – do not worry! I’ll be here to give you one-on-one help by any channel you prefer. For example, shoot me an email at or join my Facebook page.

STEP 10)
 Search Engine Optimization
Everything relies upon SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
It is only marketing. It is in short simply the marketing of blog and content to get a greater ranking place.

Ever considered when you search for anything, 90% are the possibilities you visit one of the web pages that you can see at first website of Search engines or Bing?

Why are these web pages place at the top?

The basic response is. They do SEO.

They market their content material more than anyone else, and hence they get a greater place in search engine outcomes.
Let me determine it in simpler way.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means to improve your blog, and it’s content material in such a way that it gets the greater place position in search engine outcomes for specific keywords and words (keywords or phrases).

Before I continue, let me show outcomes of your website blog you are studying at this time. I am referring to ‘Edoup’
Google analytics result of blogging

Stat counter result for blogging
The Derive from Google Search engines Analytics:

I also use Statcounter for Traffic Research. Here is the result:

For complete SEO analysis and other things like Traffic cost, top keywords and words, and other SEO aspects, I use 
SEMRush [RECOMMENDED]. Here I got it:
Semrush result for blogging
You see, most of the traffic of your blog comes from Search Engine which is free and organic traffic. I have to do nothing to push these visitors except SEO.
The process for marketing started when we enhanced the Yoast Plug-in and did some configurations for home pages such as blog Headline title and Meta information etc..

Let me discuss more components that you must focus on for good outcomes.
On-Page SEO:
The process for improving the inside of your blog is on-page. There is nothing to worry about it.

In fact, it is the fun aspect here, and I enjoy doing it. Since the better 
on-page we focus, the greater the place we are going to get.
It begins with establishing up Headline title and finishes with improving content material.
Elements that we concentrate under this division are:
Title & Meta:
We have already set it up for your website at the first level while establishing up Yoast Plug-in. Now create an appealing title and a content description explanation.

Important Pages:

Such as developing about us, term and condition, online privacy plan, contact us and other necessary web pages you want.

Keyword Research:

Here comes the most essential and amazing aspect which is especially appropriate to article content composing. The process to find keywords and words is the same as I informed above while looking for new subject concepts ideas. Apply the same Procedure here.

There are two types.

1. Informative: When these types of keywords and words are explored, the individual is looking for a little information. The best example is the same subject you are studying at this time. Did you come here to learn about starting your blog right?

2. Buying: It is evident now that the individual is looking to buy something. Best example is ‘Best Android Phones.’

While do consider these factors when selecting the right keyword and key phrase.
Start focusing on 500 to 1,000 per month queries keywords and words since they are easy to place.
Use SEMRush to figure out per month queries and CPC.

Always consider more than $1 CPC keywords and words.
Look for relevant keywords and words.
Do check out top 10 sites place ranking online to figure out their way of composing and the content material they are offering because you need to do better than those top Leaders.

Alright! I know lots of fun and information I have explained above. Let’s have a brief overview of the tools that I mentioned above so that you can have access to them quickly.

Bluehost Hosting [RECOMMENDED]- recommending Bluehost for web hosting, for building your blog.

ThemeForest [RECOMMENDED] - premium themes for website and blogs.

Clickfunnels [RECOMMENDED] – Gives You Everything You Need To Market, Sell, & Deliver Your Products  & Services Online! (Without Having To Hire or Rely On A Tech Team!)

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SEMRush – Discover thousands of profitable, targeted keywords for almost any niche.

I hope I have explained each and everything very well.
I am sure you have already created since starting a blog is affordable and to be successful, you need hard work, motivation, dedication and of course creativity.

It may take a few months, but the result will be higher than your expectations.
You are speaking of the world and with humans. Be creative and share your experience and thoughts with the world.

LAST STEP : Make Money Blogging
Here are a few methods that work:]

When you have actually placed in the initiative of producing fantastic blog content as well as advertising, promote your blog, generating money from your blog is in fact the simple component.

Best Ways To Generate Income Online

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How To Make Money On Instagram: The Big Secret Nobody Talks About

Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online At Home Without Investment

Make Money Online From Affiliate Marketing Business

Make Money Online Using Amazon

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Sell Expensive Affiliate Products And Make Huge Commissions

101 Easy Ways You Can Make Money On Fiverr

Good luck!
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